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Please Note:  These services are only offered to customers who use our year-long lawn maintenance program.

Carolina Turf Pros offers Complete Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance in Lincoln, Catawba and Gaston Counties

Regular Lawn Mowing for Healthy Turf
Mow high and often is the proper way to keep a healthy weed and disease resistant lawn. The weather is the biggest factor in planning how to mow. There are two weather conditions where a mower should not be on the turf. During a drought and during wet conditions. Otherwise, turf should be cut to remove no more than one third of the height of the grass. An inch of rain per week and lots of sunshine are the ideal conditions for great grass.

Shrub, Hedge and Tree Trimming
Proper timing and methods of growth removal of any plant that requires trimming is critical. Otherwise, disease and damaging insects can enter the plant. Attractive growth and blooms can be enhanced by proper shaping of ornamental plants.

Edging and Definition of Walkways and Driveways
Edging creates a sharp contrast between permanent structures and plants that is attractive and pleasing to look at. Small trenches at the edge of mulch and pine needle beds give the appearance of deep filled decorative areas around trees and ornamental plants.

Irrigation Repair and Timer Monitoring
We specialize in the plumbing and electrical controls of irrigation systems. Changes in the watering timing throughout the year is critical in keeping your lawn and ornamental plants properly watered to prevent diseases like Brown Patch and Root Rot. Short and frequent watering during over seeding of turf can enhance germination rates to ensure a thicker lawn.

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