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Please Note:  These services are only offered to customers who use our year-long lawn maintenance program.

We Will Maintain Your Property All Year Long.

Spring Cleanup of Limbs and Leaves

Let us keep your property clean and pleasant looking by removing and disposing of fallen limbs and debris. We can rake and sweep your lawn to remove dead leaves and plant material so your lawn and landscape will be ready for a beautiful springtime green up.

Summer Pruning and Trimming
Dead limbs and branches become apparent during the summer when green foliage is at its peak. We will remove non-living plant material properly to reduce the chance of disease and insects entering the pruning sight. This will also prevent shading of growing plants so they can get plenty of light.

Fall Aeration and Over Seeding
Grass doesn’t live forever. Every year under the very best conditions a small percentage of your turf will die. Autumn is the proper time to reseed your lawn to keep it thriving and lush. Core aeration or “plugging” loosens up compacted soil and allows air to penetrate to the roots so they can spread and grow. Minerals such as lime can also penetrate deeper into the soil to correct the pH of the lower root zone.

Winter Care of Turf and Ornamental Plants
Even though some of your plants may be dormant in winter they are still alive. Winter time is the proper season to apply high amounts of nitrogen to the soil. Removing dead plant material from your lawn and plant beds will reduce populations of harmful insects, mites and pathogens that can multiply and cause damage in the spring.

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